Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I contact if I have an issue with a state supported living center?

Each SSLC has an assistant independent ombudsman (AIO) located at the facility. You can contact the AIO directly by phone or email. You can also call 877-323-6466 to reach an AIO or central office staff.

Who can contact the independent ombudsman?

Anyone can contact the Office of the Independent Ombudsman, including residents, staff, family members, friends, guardians (legally authorized representatives) and any other persons who have concerns regarding residents at a state supported living center.

Does the assistant independent ombudsman work for the SSLC or HHS?

The AIO at each SSLC does not report to the administration nor do they report to Health and Human Services. They report directly to the independent ombudsman, who is appointed by and reports to the governor and the state's elected leaders in the executive and legislative branches.

How do I report a suspicion of abuse, neglect or exploitation? 

Call 800-252-5400 anytime. You can also make your report at This is a secure website.  These complaints are handled by Health and Human Services Provider Investigations.

How do I report a concern about someone living in a nursing home or assisting living facility, or another HHS related program or service?

If you have a complaint about the quality of care at a nursing home or assisted living facility, call the Long-term Care Ombudsman's Office at 800-252-2412.

For other issues, contact the HHS Office of the Ombudsman at 877-787-8999.

I have heard that monitors from the US Department of Justice are visiting each center and reporting on their findings. How can I find more information?

Visit the HHS SSLC monitoring webpage for details and reports.